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I-Cue. New York City. USA.

DJ/Producer/Hipstep Pioneer Surviving on talent and desire, while ingeniously creating a unique experimental blend of Hip Hop / Drum and Bass music known as Hip Step (Hip-hop Influenced Productions Stimulating The Earth’s People), New York City based I-Cue is out to make more than just a little noise. A true innovator in a world of followers, I-Cue holds the title of Hip Step pioneer… one of the few in the world. Member to New Yorks legendary Zulu Nation Crew around music legend Afrika Bambaattaa I-Cue has also shown a range of production styles with numerous acid jazz / hip hop releases dating back from 1994 to 1996 on a label called New Breed Records. This is the point in I-Cue’s career (and history) where the hip step genre began to develop – a subgenre of the new jungle hop / jump up genre. In 1996, I-Cue was signed to the […]



DJ Rob Odyssey. New York City. USA.

Odyssey, born and raised in Manhattan on the Upper East Side of Spanish Harlem, began spinning 23 years ago and has been producing for 12 years. His musical background is deeply rooted from the sounds of Disco, R & B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Latin music. Whilst his DJ-career has brought him to such venues as The Shelter/NASA, Roxy, Roseland, Limelight, Tunnel, Twilo, Carbon and Centro Fly, his producer career shows releases as the Fire re-mix featuring Afrika Bambatta (Jungle Sky Records/Liquid Sky Music), Petition the Lord (Digital Native Attack Records), Bad Acid Jesus (Radikal Records/Azucar Entertainment), and Reven Tergof (Entry 1 Records). Odyssey is considered one of New York City’s top 10 most versatile DJs, mixing everything from Disco, Funk, Soul, R & B, Nu Wave, House, Hip-Hop, Techno, Electro, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Break Beats flawlessly.

Kooky. Liverpool. UK.

Kooky is based in Liverpool, England and has been an underground electronic dance music producer for the past 16 years. He has programmed, recorded, produced and released material all over Europe, mainly as part of a live five piece electronic band called ISM™(Universal Egg Records/ Category One Records 1994-2001). Kooky also performed, arranged and wrote with The Fircharmers- 1990-1994. Kooky™s style has ranged from Techno, Drum and Bass, Breaks, Dub step, Indie and House music.Kooky has released 12”s on the Silicon Hustler label, with High Days Gramaphone Records and as a member of duo Hopper™ with Lock Up Music Publishing. He has also published dance tracks for inclusion on a library music CD(5) package through Zone Music for inclusion in films, TV and adverts. A recent collaboration sees Kooky teaming up with sound scraping electronic live band Frozen Smoke. Fusing laptops, analogue synths, guitars and live drums.Kooky is also resident […]


DanBarrett | Frozen Smoke

Frozen Smoke aka Dan Barrett Liverpool. UK.

Having gone though a number of line-up changes, Frozen Smoke is now stripped back once more to the bare essentials – Dan, computers, synths and his love for all things electronic, electro and eclectic. Besides recent remixes for artists such as Hillberg, Der Cube, Mightiness, Kooky and I-Cue, over the years Dan has also remixed and remodelled works for Ladytron, Zion Train, Chumbawamba, Mulu and The Mighty Quark. Amongst his other achievements : extensive tours throughout Europe, playing at Glastonbury on the legendary Glade Stage, counted the world famous DJ John Peel as a fan, performed music to cows in the Austrian hills, appeared naked on stage at an MTV awards show and shocked a plethora of European dub fans expecting something completely different… After spending most of his life in and around Liverpool, UK; Frozen Smoke has now relocated to the lovely city of Linz, Austria – where he […]

Struboskop. Austria.

STRUBOSKOP is a group consisting of three DJs and producers, born in Vorarlberg, who now live in Vienna and Innsbruck (Austria): Techtrix, Zorillah and Simeks. Since 2006 they’ve been throwing parties in Austria and different locations in Vienna, Munich and Switzerland. They’ve supported acts like Kosheen (UK), Meat Katie (UK), Telepathé (US), Moonbootica (GER), Maral Salmassi (GER), Kurtis Blow (US), Sugarhill Gang (US) and others. Struboskop span a wide variety of styles – from Disco (with their notorious party Disco Heat!) to HipHop to House to Breaks and all the stuff that keeps people moving on the dancefloor.


der Cube

Der Cube aka Markus Goetzendorfer. Austria.

„Good music ain´t any reason for which kind of music it should be.“ (Miles Davis) The passion for electronic music has been drawing Der Cube to keyboards and computers since the early 1990ties – back then still with his band “Apology”. Speaking in terms of production-styles he refuses being labeled and works on a lot of different tunes from Tech-House to Electro-House. Currently he is working on different tunes and remixes for envloop records, only recently he remixed iPunks “Turn On(e)” on iPink Records. Along with this he works on his German Electro-Pop-project “Cube & Der Pottwal”, developing their album and their live-show. Under his artist-name “Cubism” Markus Goetzendorfer produces experimental and downbeat tunes. Together with “Digiton” he also hosts the Radio show “Cubetronic” on Radio B138 (Kremstal, Upper Austria). Links: Der Cube on Myspace

Hillberg aka Hilmar Gamper. Linz. Austria.

Born in August 1964 in Vienna, Austria, I live and work in Linz, Austria. Deejaying since 1986, producing tunes since the “early days” in 1982, inspired to do electronics after having been involved in a project of Mr. Conrad Schnitzler, famous ex-member of groups as Tangerine Dream. More “dancy” stuff came up since the 1990ties, namely on my vinyl-label “D.N.A.Records”, featuring artists as DJ I-Cue and DJ Odyssey (NYC, Zulu Nation), Andrew Edge (Thompson Twins, Savage Progress), Parov Stelar (Etage Noir, Austria) or DJ Odd (backlab, Austria). Aside from my long DJ-career, which brought me to perform on various festivals and clubs as DK Outlaw Festival NYC, Rave On Snow, The Masque/Liverpool, Superfunk (NYC) – just to name a few of them – also in the late 1990ties/early 2000s I published two music-mags Partysan Austria and Partysan UK.

DJ Hillberg

Dj Realte

Acoustic Noise aka M. Gahleitner. Salzburg. Austria.

From rough to smooth, Michael Gahleitner aka DJ Relate spins many styles showing his love for electronic music. Born and raised in Bremen, Germany he currently lives and works in Salzburg, Austria. Michael Gahleitner started djing in 1999 and played at numerous parties and radio-shows in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. In 2002 he was introduced to Ralph Klenke aka Mightiness by DJ Slin and they started working on Mightiness records for a couple of years. He also worked with a German hip hop DJ on a club night called butterbeats, where Hip hop met Drum&Bass. After seven years djing  and promoting Mightiness Records there was time for a change, so DJ Relate and Mightiness decided to start something fresh. This is, how envloop records was born recently in 2009. Dj Relate on Myspace

Diffr3nt. Bremen. Germany

Born in 1985 in Bremen Dj Diffr3nt(Dennis Uygun)began his career with the age of 12 approaching Jungle/Oldskool & Happy Hardcore.The fast impellent articulated beats and heavy bass fascinated Dj Diffr3nt and awakened his passion for electric music. 2 years passed, during which intensive listening and dealing with the matter took turn, eventually resulting in a new pair of own turntables. For the next couple of years the young Dj spent long hours behind the players concentrating on developing his own style. Finally, in 2001 Dj Diffr3nt celebrated his first booking which was followed by more and more for the next couple of years in and around Bremen. These bookings helped him to establish a name in the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene. Still, in 2007 the time had come for a change – The young Bremer Dj put up the mixseries “Electric Charge” (1-5),and showed a totally different side of his […]

Dj and producer from Bremen, Germany


Mightiness. Hannover. Germany.

Under the influence of his Techno-experiences DJ Mightiness started as a Drum&Bass DJ in 1998 after his interest had been drawn to D&B via Techstep. In his sets you can hear his origin based in Bremen, Germany, his style is the same hard, bassy and twisted. His personal favourites are Andy C., Brookie and Ram Rec., and you always can find him also on a Panacea-party. Aside from D&B he listens to chilly and phatt Hip Hop with meaningful texts, Amin Tobin and of course everxthing from Drum&Bass. Aside from his DJ career he studies law and loves skateboarding and snowboarding. To say it in the words of our “Dr. Envloop”: “It is about the moment, when energies and emotions are getting packed into a tunes of mine, when they “explode” in a musical way… in this way music for me is the way to speal a clear and true […]