envloop records is a fresh electronic music label with a big and solid music-history background, speaking in terms of our featured artists.

The idea of envloop was originally born by German artists Ralph Klenke and Michael Gahleitner during a common breakfast, where everything was perfect – from pancakes to the orange jelly. Everything, but… the music coming out of their mp3 player. So they decided to work on this on their own efforts.

Soon Austrian artist Hilmar Gamper aka DJ Hillberg joined the label, same as the brekkie-sessions, so envloop records could start.

The idea behind envloop is simple: Whilst everybody is doing an “Electro-label” and soon you find out, it´s only the same two artists releasing the same track over and over again, envloop´s approach towards music is a different one:

Each release shows different tunes and mixes in different genres – from d&b and dubstep over electrobreaks to electrohouse and even downbeat.

Same as the releases also envloop´s featured artists are versatile: From young and fresh producers as Mightiness, Cube and Relate to experienced electronic music legends as NYC-based artists I-Cue, Odyssey, T.C.Islam or UK based artists Kooky and Frozen Smoke.


Because we think, a records label really dedicated to the rich universe of electronic music should come up with more than always the same style, tune and worksound over and over again. And our customers have the right on a rich choice of real music.

Made by real musicians. The rest is for blockheads.

envloop release forthcoming on march 5 th: Envloop 0013 – Mightiness- Zauberhaft