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DJ Rob Odyssey. New York City. USA.

Odyssey, born and raised in Manhattan on the Upper East Side of Spanish Harlem, began spinning 23 years ago and has been producing for 12 years. His musical background is deeply rooted from the sounds of Disco, R & B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Latin music.

Whilst his DJ-career has brought him to such venues as The Shelter/NASA, Roxy, Roseland, Limelight, Tunnel, Twilo, Carbon and Centro Fly, his producer career shows releases as the Fire re-mix featuring Afrika Bambatta (Jungle Sky Records/Liquid Sky Music), Petition the Lord (Digital Native Attack Records), Bad Acid Jesus (Radikal Records/Azucar Entertainment), and Reven Tergof (Entry 1 Records).

Odyssey is considered one of New York City’s top 10 most versatile DJs, mixing everything from Disco, Funk, Soul, R & B, Nu Wave, House, Hip-Hop, Techno, Electro, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Break Beats flawlessly.

To wrap it up, simply, there are no words to further explain how enjoyable his sets are except to witness them first hand for your self. So come take a trip on a musical “Odyssey”.

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