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Mightiness. Hannover. Germany.

Under the influence of his Techno-experiences DJ Mightiness started as a Drum&Bass DJ in 1998 after his interest had been drawn to D&B via Techstep.
In his sets you can hear his origin based in Bremen, Germany, his style is the same hard, bassy and twisted.

His personal favourites are Andy C., Brookie and Ram Rec., and you always can find him also on a Panacea-party.
Aside from D&B he listens to chilly and phatt Hip Hop with meaningful texts, Amin Tobin and of course everxthing from Drum&Bass.

Aside from his DJ career he works as a copyright lawyer in Hannover/Germany and loves skateboarding and snowboarding.
To say it in the words of our “Dr. Envloop”: “It is about the moment, when energies and emotions are getting packed into a tunes of mine, when they “explode” in a musical way… in this way music for me is the way to speal a clear and true word.”