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envloop 010: Hillberg and Bruckmayr – 21st Century Boy

Hillberg’s catchy beats meet the voice of Austria’s Indie-legend Bruckmayr: What comes out is a moody Electrohouse-anthem for 21st century boys and girls: a lesson in social media via the dancefloor. In the words of singer Bruckmayr: Stay connected – by this gadget… Hillberg and Bruckmayr (AUT) Bruckmayr can be introduced as one of the true, rare Indie-legends of Austria: His band projects Fuckhead, Wipe-Out and others from way back have found fans all over the globe. If you want to call Bruckmayr “Dr. Punk” or “Prof. Industrial” – it doesn’t make a difference: This tune will get you on the dancefloor. And once you’re there – stay, and wait for one of his outrageously excellent live shows. With Austrian producer Hillberg, this musical symbiosis is perfect, making this tune a real 21st century future classic. Remixes come from Austrian talent Ned Rise (who’s already introduced his skills on Berlin […]

env 010: Hillberg and Bruckmayr – 21st Century Boy

Kooky vs. Pat Fulgoni – Giving Up On Love E.P.

Kooky vs. Pat Fulgoni – Giving Up On Love E.P.

‘Giving up on Love’ is a debut single from Kooky and is a dirty ride through house music that epitomizes the sound of Kooky at present. Pat Fulgoni delivers his menacing, powerful dark tones with a force of nature that is the only way Fulgoni knows. Courtesy of Envloop Records and due for release on all the usual portals from September 26th 2011. All this will be wrapped up into an exceptional mix of high quality remixes by artists such as James Kininmonth (UK), I-Cue (NYC), Frozen Smoke (UK), Mightiness (Germany) and Hillberg (A). Would you expect anything less from Envloop Records….?

envloop 006: One Year envloop! Out June 6, 2011

One year of Envloop Records: A reason to celebrate for us, but also an opportunity to thank you, our audience. Since Envloop began, we have come a long way, having built up the label as a haven for artists from around the globe and for electronic tunes from all different styles and genres. Artists such as TC Izlam, Soul Slinger, I-Cue, Kooky, Frozen Smoke, just to name a few… Envloop stays true to it’s basic concept to be open not only to top artists, but also to encourage musical experiments. The 2000’s, so we were told, would only leave space for labels strictly specialized in their specific genres. We chose a different path: Tracks and artists from across the spectrum of genres, just as it was when electronic music imprints first started. The only standard across the label’s releases is the high quality.


Zulu Music 2011 E.P.

Hillberg vs. Soul Slinger feat. TC Izlam–Zulu Music 2011 E.P.

A trip through time and space: In 1996 US-Drum&Bass legend Soul Slinger together with Supa MC TC Izlam (aka T-Frequency To The Love Degree) released “Zulu Music Pt.1 and 2” on his legendary label “Jungle Sky Records”, having been a platform for so many artists who made their ways into the world´s artist-elite such as A Guy Called Gerald, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Spooky and Air Liquide, just to name a few. On envloop 005 “Zulu Music 2011 EP” this true jewel of New Yorican Underground found it´s way into the present decade, given a treatment by it´s creator Soul Slinger and Austrian artist Hillberg. What had been anticipating “Dubstep” decades before this genre was born, now comes along as a trippy Hip Hop tune reminiscent of the sound of Stereo MC´s or Gary Clail.

envloop 004: Struboskop feat. Violetta Parisini – Don`t Stop Robot EP

Struboskop feat. Violetta Parisini: Dont Stop Robot EP genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks | drum&bass “Don´t Stop, Robot!” is a groovy, catchy Italo-Discohouse/Synthpop tune. The warm jazzy vocal bring this hypnotic tune up to epic heights, and soon you’ll be singing “Don´t Stop, Robot! Just sayin´ yes and no and yes and…”. Track two, “Roboskop” furthers the Italo feeling on your turntable, getting you “pazzo” over it, as does track three, “Roboterotic”. Alberto Terzi´s Clubmix of “Don’t Stop, Robot” is a superb re-interpretation of the original. It´s Italo Synthpop grooves will have you doing “the robot” in no time. Why we are so sure about it? Well, because it’s worked like this on dancefloors from Shanghai to Vienna where the tune has already been tried and tested. On all those dancefloors, it didn’t take a minute to turn the “dance”floors into “Robot”floors…



envloop 003: Der Cube – Analogue Activity E.P.

Der Cube: Analogue Activity E.P. genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks Analogue Activity by the Austrian producer Der Cube is a hypnotic Electro tune, starting off mean and moody, winding up to a unique and epic sound-experience. With it’s addictive groove, the tune finds its way to a winding distorted piano melody, which will hook you further into it – either on the dancefloor or through your headphones. New York artist I-Cue adds an “old school-breaky” Electrobreaks mix. Bremen based producer Rauschhaus completes it with a massive Electrohouse mix making it impossible to stand still. Liverpool based artists Kooky and Frozen Smoke contribute two “in your face” UK-Style Electrohouse mixes, getting it to the real thing.


envloop 002: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine E.P.

Hillberg: MetaAmphetaMine E.P. genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks | drum&bass | dubstep MetaAmphetaMine, Envloop Records release 002, is a massive indie-club tunes release, again following Envloop’s philosophy to present a wide range of electronic music styles to the audience. The Original is a hypnotic ElectroHouse/ElectroPop tune, as addictive through headphones as it is on the dancefloor. The range of remixes goes from Mightiness´ massive Drum&Bass Remix over to DJ Odyssey’s Retro-Old School NYC-Breaks Rework, bringing back the early 1990’s, when House and ElectroBreaks in the style of Afrika Bambaattaa ruled the streets of New York.

mightiness - extra protected e.p.

envloop 001: Mightiness Extraprotected EP

Mightiness: extraprotected genre: drum&bass | electrohouse | electrobreaks | dubstep So here is, how envloop records say their first “hello!” to the world: “Extraprotected” is a boosting and rocking d&b tune by Bremen, Germany based artist Mightiness aka Ralph Klenke. Fresh and juicy, this tune is meant to rock dancefloors around the globe. But envloop wouldn´t be envloop, if this tune hadn´t undergone some reworks by various artists from around the world, amongst them electronic music-pioneers as NYC based DJ I-Cue, well known as Hipstep-pioneer and one of the most reputed artists of Zulu Nation NYC and Jungle Sky Rec. NYC.