envloop 003: Der Cube – Analogue Activity E.P.

Der Cube: Analogue Activity E.P.
genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks

Analogue Activity by the Austrian producer Der Cube is a hypnotic Electro tune, starting off mean and moody, winding up to a unique and epic sound-experience. With it’s addictive groove, the tune finds its way to a winding distorted piano melody, which will hook you further into it – either on the dancefloor or through your headphones.

New York artist I-Cue adds an “old school-breaky” Electrobreaks mix. Bremen based producer Rauschhaus completes it with a massive Electrohouse mix making it impossible to stand still. Liverpool based artists Kooky and Frozen Smoke contribute two “in your face” UK-Style Electrohouse mixes, getting it to the real thing. (mehr …)

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envloop 002: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine E.P.

envloop 002: Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine E.P.

Hillberg: MetaAmphetaMine E.P.
genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks | drum&bass | dubstep

MetaAmphetaMine, Envloop Records release 002, is a massive indie-club tunes release, again following Envloop’s philosophy to present a wide range of electronic music styles to the audience.

The Original is a hypnotic ElectroHouse/ElectroPop tune, as addictive through headphones as it is on the dancefloor.
The range of remixes goes from Mightiness´ massive Drum&Bass Remix over to DJ Odyssey’s Retro-Old School NYC-Breaks Rework, bringing back the early 1990’s, when House and ElectroBreaks in the style of Afrika Bambaattaa ruled the streets of New York. (mehr …)

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envloop 001: Mightiness Extraprotected EP
mightiness - extra protected e.p.

envloop 001: Mightiness Extraprotected EP

Mightiness: extraprotected
genre: drum&bass | electrohouse | electrobreaks | dubstep

So here is, how envloop records say their first “hello!” to the world: “Extraprotected” is a boosting and rocking d&b tune by Bremen, Germany based artist Mightiness aka Ralph Klenke.
Fresh and juicy, this tune is meant to rock dancefloors around the globe.

But envloop wouldn´t be envloop, if this tune hadn´t undergone some reworks by various artists from around the world, amongst them electronic music-pioneers as NYC based DJ I-Cue, well known as Hipstep-pioneer and one of the most reputed artists of Zulu Nation NYC and Jungle Sky Rec. NYC. (mehr …)

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