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Sampler Envloop 006

envloop 006: One Year envloop! Out June 6, 2011

One year of Envloop Records: A reason to celebrate for us, but also an opportunity to thank you, our audience.

Since Envloop began, we have come a long way, having built up the label as a haven for artists from around the globe and for electronic tunes from all different styles and genres. Artists such as TC Izlam, Soul Slinger, I-Cue, Kooky, Frozen Smoke, just to name a few…

Envloop stays true to it’s basic concept to be open not only to top artists, but also to encourage musical experiments. The 2000’s, so we were told, would only leave space for labels strictly specialized in their specific genres. We chose a different path: Tracks and artists from across the spectrum of genres, just as it was when electronic music imprints first started. The only standard across the label’s releases is the high quality. (mehr …)

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envloop 003: Der Cube – Analogue Activity E.P.

Der Cube: Analogue Activity E.P.
genre: electrohouse | electrobreaks

Analogue Activity by the Austrian producer Der Cube is a hypnotic Electro tune, starting off mean and moody, winding up to a unique and epic sound-experience. With it’s addictive groove, the tune finds its way to a winding distorted piano melody, which will hook you further into it – either on the dancefloor or through your headphones.

New York artist I-Cue adds an “old school-breaky” Electrobreaks mix. Bremen based producer Rauschhaus completes it with a massive Electrohouse mix making it impossible to stand still. Liverpool based artists Kooky and Frozen Smoke contribute two “in your face” UK-Style Electrohouse mixes, getting it to the real thing. (mehr …)

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