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Kooky vs. Pat Fulgoni – Giving Up On Love E.P.

Kooky vs. Pat Fulgoni – Giving Up On Love E.P.

‘Giving up on Love’ is a debut single from Kooky and is a dirty ride through house music that epitomizes the sound of Kooky at present. Pat Fulgoni delivers his menacing, powerful dark tones with a force of nature that is the only way Fulgoni knows.

Courtesy of Envloop Records and due for release on all the usual portals from September 26th 2011.

All this will be wrapped up into an exceptional mix of high quality remixes by artists such as James Kininmonth (UK), I-Cue (NYC), Frozen Smoke (UK), Mightiness (Germany) and Hillberg (A). Would you expect anything less from Envloop Records….? Continue reading…

envloop 001: Mightiness Extraprotected EP

mightiness - extra protected e.p.

Mightiness: extraprotected
genre: drum&bass | electrohouse | electrobreaks | dubstep

So here is, how envloop records say their first “hello!” to the world: “Extraprotected” is a boosting and rocking d&b tune by Bremen, Germany based artist Mightiness aka Ralph Klenke.
Fresh and juicy, this tune is meant to rock dancefloors around the globe.

But envloop wouldn´t be envloop, if this tune hadn´t undergone some reworks by various artists from around the world, amongst them electronic music-pioneers as NYC based DJ I-Cue, well known as Hipstep-pioneer and one of the most reputed artists of Zulu Nation NYC and Jungle Sky Rec. NYC. Continue reading…

Kooky. Liverpool. UK.


Kooky is based in Liverpool, England and has been an underground electronic dance music producer for the past 16 years. He has programmed, recorded, produced and released material all over Europe, mainly as part of a live five piece electronic band called ISM™(Universal Egg Records/ Category One Records 1994-2001). Kooky also performed, arranged and wrote with The Fircharmers- 1990-1994. Kooky™s style has ranged from Techno, Drum and Bass, Breaks, Dub step, Indie and House music.Kooky has released 12”s on the Silicon Hustler label, with High Days Gramaphone Records and as a member of duo Hopper™ with Lock Up Music Publishing.
He has also published dance tracks for inclusion on a library music CD(5) package through Zone Music for inclusion in films, TV and adverts.

A recent collaboration sees Kooky teaming up with sound scraping electronic live band Frozen Smoke. Fusing laptops, analogue synths, guitars and live drums.Kooky is also resident DJ for club nights and impromptu shenanigans. Continue reading…

Frozen Smoke aka Dan Barrett Liverpool. UK.

DanBarrett | Frozen Smoke

Having gone though a number of line-up changes, Frozen Smoke is now stripped back once more to the bare essentials – Dan, computers, synths and his love for all things electronic, electro and eclectic.
Besides recent remixes for artists such as Hillberg, Der Cube, Mightiness, Kooky and I-Cue, over the years Dan has also remixed and remodelled works for Ladytron, Zion Train, Chumbawamba, Mulu and The Mighty Quark.
Amongst his other achievements : extensive tours throughout Europe, playing at Glastonbury on the legendary Glade Stage, counted the world famous DJ John Peel as a fan, performed music to cows in the Austrian hills, appeared naked on stage at an MTV awards show and shocked a plethora of European dub fans expecting something completely different…
After spending most of his life in and around Liverpool, UK; Frozen Smoke has now relocated to the lovely city of Linz, Austria – where he continues to develop his own particular blend of electro infused explorations in sound. He has also joined forces with Hillberg and Ozed in setting up Brathering Shandy Records, a electronic music label.
Find him on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/thefrozensmokepage
Find him on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/frozensmoke

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