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Kooky Vs. Pat Fulgoni – Giving Up On Love


‘Giving up on Love’ is a debut single from Kooky and is a dirty ride through house music that epitomizes the sound of Kooky at present. Pat Fulgoni delivers his menacing, powerful dark tones with a force of nature that is the only way Fulgoni knows.

Struboskop feat. Violetta Parisini – Don’t Stop Robot (official video) HD


video by olgu bolun, vincent hehle, stefanie büchel & phab

Der Cube–Analogue Activity (Teaser)


Teaser-Video of envloop003 Der Cube – Analogue Activity. Out on all major download portals on October 25th, 2010.

Hillberg-MetaAmphetaMine (Video)


Full video of envloop002: “Hillberg – MetaAmphetaMine” out from Aug. 16th on all major download-portals

Mightiness – Extra Protected (Video)

mightiness-extra protected

Music video for Mightiness – Extra Protected EP; track will be released under envloop records on the 20th of May.

It’s a take on the world full of fear and noble lies where everybody is looking for protection and is getting it through their beliefs and signs they trust. Ending up in a senseless clash between good and evil. The Sun is good and protecting us while Mikey Moose, under the command of Great Pagan himself, is leading the underworld…

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